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The first time I gambled, it was at an online casino. I had read that they were legal to do so in Canada and figured if my country could allow it then why not me. The gambling site I found was European operated, which made a lot of sense because a lot of their games are different from what we have here in the States. It’s been years since my last visit but when they offered these great bonuses for new members, I thought “why not?” I don’t know how this is going to go but hey – you win some you lose some!

Which are the most popular online casino games in Canada?

Online casinos are a great way to pass the time. With all the excitement that is associated with online gambling, it’s no wonder that many individuals have come up with their own ways of making money off these games.  If you’re looking for some advice on what kind of game will be best suited for your needs, then this article should help point you in the right direction! Read more about which games are most popular in Canada:

Mobile Gambling

Mobile casinos are here! Now you can play your favorite casino games on your smartphone devices with a good internet connection and a quick download of the mobile-dedicated applications. Find a range of European casino platforms that are available in Canada and support your mobile device.

Variety Of Games

Choose from hundreds of casino games and tons of casino platforms that bring your favorite games to your laptop and mobile screen. Now you can explore the games, check the reviews, and find direct links to download them while you explore this website. Make easy registration to get access to all the casino platforms on our website.


We know that all that you desire from the casinos is real money. There is no other way to look at casino games. We do not want to offer BS to our customers when we say casino games offer you fun. Our list of casino games is meant to reward our users highly. Expect to turn your double-digit account into a six-digit win as it is possible on our list of casinos.

Malta Casinos Online – Safe & Legit MGA Licensed Casinos Increasing In Popularity In Canada

We make sure that we check out casino references ourselves before suggesting them to our audience. Our users trust us to bring the best to them, and we do not want to compromise their trust. Our team goes through the license for every casino and gets it double-checked for legitness. All the platforms mentioned in our list are meant to offer legal gambling in Canada.

Best Malta Casinos Offering Games to Canadian Players

Explore a range of Malta-approved online casinos that guarantee a rewarding and exciting experience when you play with players from around the world.

Wildz Casino Canada

I love playing at Wildz Casino Online Canada, it is a great casino with an excellent selection of games. I am always able to find the game that suits my mood and play for hours without any hassle. The customer service team are available 24/7 which is perfect for me as I’m often up late!
I have had some really good wins on this site too which has made me feel really happy – especially when they are big enough to change my life!
Wildz Casino Online Canada also offer free spins every day so there’s always something new happening 🙂

Casumo Casino Canada

Casumo casino is a fun, safe and innovative online gambling site. It provides players with multiple payment options, a wide range of games from the latest providers as well as all the necessary information to get started. Casumo casino has a generous welcome bonus that can be claimed upon sign-up but it also has other promotions including daily bonuses and free spins every weekend. The website itself is very easy to navigate which makes playing at Casumo even more enjoyable! If you are looking for an online casino where you can play safely without worrying about your personal details being compromised then look no further than casumo casino Canada!

Jackpot City Canada

Jackpot City is one of the most popular online casinos in Canada, and for good reason. The company has been around since 1999 and it’s grown into a massive player on the Canadian gaming scene. Most people are familiar with this brand because they have a large social media presence as well as an excellent reputation for customer service. They give players a variety of options to choose from when playing their favorite casino games, which makes them stand out among other brands that can be found online today. Players who want to know more about Jackpot City should continue reading!

Malta Casinos Online – Safe & Legit

Play the widest variety of casino games with platforms licensed under Malta Casinos. Regulate your game and money under the
control settings to play quality games with healthy money management.
Class 1

Register yourself with the right credentials to get your profile verified. One player can only make one account at a time.

Class 2

Explore the games for free using your free spins. This will help you explore the list of games and find the ones that you would prefer.

Class 3

Once you are ready to play the games with real money, make a deposit. Choose from over 40 different payment methods for quick deposits.

Class 4

Receive exclusive membership bonuses and use your early rewards to play more games and win big without losing money.


“This has been a great experience so far playing the games online with my friends. I now have made a significant improvement in the games and can play at VIP tables. It is a delight for any poker lover who wants a safe and reliable gambling platform. ”
Brenda C Phillips
“As a professional gambler, I have been playing on their recommended platforms for over seven years and have never faced a security problem. The games are safe and fair for all gamers. ”
Michael L Walker
“I have had an amazing time exploring the slot machines so far. The variety is wide enough to keep me entertained, but I have found a few machines that often turn lucky for me. I have been sharing my knowledge with my online friends, and we help each other win rewards. ”
Lloyd H Washer
“I have been playing here for six months now, and I want to appreciate the entire team that works hard to provide the best games for their community. The gaming community here is friendly and supports each other in finding quality games. I am here to stay for a long time. ”
Linda N Butler

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